Achieves efficient and safe machining

2.5D CAM

It’s possible to set multiple sections at the contour of the wire frame and define a pocket and an island shape. Section and plane parts which are machined by 2-axis/2.5-axis in the surface model are detected and cutter paths are generated.

2.5D CAM cutting modes:

  • Contour Cutting
  • Round of Cavity
  • Round of Core
  • Flat Cutting
  • 2-Dimensional Cutting
  • 2.5D Rough Cutting
  • 2.5D Side Cutting
  • 2.5D Plane Cutting
  • 2.5D Re-machining
2.5D CAM


Hole cutting modes:

  • Canned Cycle Drilling
  • Chamfering
  • G01 Drilling
  • Circular Hole-wall Cutting
  • Circular Hole-step Cutting
  • Circular Hole Rough Cutting
  • Circular Hole-bottom Finishing
  • Helical Tapping
Hole Milling

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