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Ryan Weekes - President

On our CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM Software team, Ryan stands out as a visionary leader whose career is a narrative of relentless pursuit of excellence in the manufacturing industry. His journey began in 2002, within the walls of a subcontract machine shop, where Ryan's early engagement with CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM Software set the stage for a distinguished career. Specializing in hard milling for the Mold and Die industry, he quickly became known for his work across various sectors, demonstrating a rare ability to adapt and excel in diverse manufacturing environments.

Ryan's ascent from a skilled machinist to a strategic management role is a testament to his innovative thinking and dedication to efficiency. A pioneer in leveraging CAM-TOOL's built-in templates, Ryan spearheaded initiatives to automate programming processes, significantly enhancing productivity and setting new industry standards for automation.

His entrepreneurial spirit and expertise led him to oversee the establishment of a manufacturing facility dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry. Here, Ryan further honed his skills in utilizing cutting-edge technology in turning and mill-turn machines, reinforcing his reputation as a forward-thinking professional in the manufacturing sector.

In 2013, Ryan embraced the challenge of reorganizing the CNC department for one of the largest Mold builders in North America. Under his leadership, the department saw a revolution in efficiency and quality, introducing automated machining cells with robots for unattended part loading, ensuring continuous operation and maximizing machine uptime.

Today, as President of CGS North America, Ryan's influence extends beyond the operational aspects of the company. He is deeply committed to expanding the knowledge base of CAM-TOOL customers, aiming to enhance their efficiency through education on the latest manufacturing trends and CAM-TOOL's innovative features. Ryan's dedication to sharing his expertise is evident in his active participation in industry events and trade shows across the country, where he is a sought-after speaker for his insights into manufacturing technology and efficiency optimization.

Ryan's contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed, with his thought leadership published in esteemed industry publications such as Mold Making Technology Magazine and Modern Machine Shop. His vision for the future of manufacturing, combined with a practical approach to technology adoption and process improvement, continues to inspire and influence the industry.

At CGS North America, we are proud to have Ryan at the helm, leading by example and driving the continuous evolution of our CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM Software solutions. His journey is a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the manufacturing industry.

John Van Mil - Senior Technical Support Specialist

John joined the CAM-TOOL family in May 2019, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise from his 9-year tenure in the precision machining sector. Prior to his current role, John applied his skills in two different small component service shops, where he specialized in crafting parts for the tool and mold industry, among various others. His extensive use of CAM-TOOL throughout the majority of his career has not only made him an expert in the software but also a pivotal member of our team.

His proficiency encompasses a wide range of programming techniques, with a particular focus on 5-Axis, 3+2, and Simultaneous programs. Over the years, John has demonstrated his versatility by successfully operating a variety of machines and gaining valuable knowledge in post writing. This combination of skills allows him to address and solve complex machining problems with ease and efficiency.

John's passion for machining is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge. He is actively involved in training, traveling extensively to educate others on the nuances of CAM-TOOL. His hands-on workshops and training sessions have helped countless individuals and teams enhance their machining capabilities, making him a respected figure in the CAM-TOOL community.

Among his favorite aspects of the software are the Z-level Re-machining and Base Surface toolpaths, which he frequently employs to achieve precision and excellence in machining projects. The "Contact Point Boundary" feature is John's top pick among the software's latest innovations, showcasing his keen interest in adopting new technologies that advance the field. Additionally, John's preference for the Surface Plus add-on stems from its exceptional ability to streamline CAD functions and optimize the programming process, making it a standout choice in his toolkit.

John's dedication to solving intricate 5-axis machining challenges and his commitment to education are invaluable to our company. His expertise not only enhances our capabilities but also ensures that the broader machining community benefits from his extensive knowledge and experience.

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