Elite CAD/CAM System for Mold & Die Makers

CAM-TOOL, the “Elite CAD/CAM” system, addresses the needs of the Manufacturing Tooling Industry. CAM-TOOL addresses the sophisticated requirements of Mold & Die builders by offering unparalleled functionality using our powerful NC programming strategies that simply do not exist in other systems.

CAM TOOL has more than 35 years history and has supplied approximately 2,700 companies, and 5,500 licenses. As CAD/CAM company, we are not only developing software, but also evaluating our new functions by actual cutting. We have 2 CNC machines in our Machine Technology Center, and we can make cutting samples, and we can do benchmark tests there.

Whether you’re doing High Speed Machining or Hard Milling, CAM-TOOL’s integrated surfacing modeling and NC programming techniques allow the user to generate toolpath to run your NC machine “Safely & Unattended” while providing unparalleled finish quality.

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Suitable for a Variety of Molds & Dies

  • Injection Mold
  • Progressive Die
  • Forging Die
  • Die-casting Mold
  • Single Press Die
  • Blow Mold

Global Partners

  • Toshiba Machine
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Global Users

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba
  • Canon

Bring Your Mold and Die Business to the Next Level with CAM TOOL

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